U.S. airstrike kills Afghan Forces in Logar

An American airstrike killed more than ten Afghan security forces during intense fighting with the Taliban in Azra district of Logar province, official said Tuesday.

The chief district of Azra, Hamidullah told Ariananews that the security forces were killed after they called for air support from foreign forces.

Shamshad Larawi, a spokesman for the governor, said that American airstrikes had been called in for support, but that because of a misunderstanding, the planes mistakenly targeted an Afghan police outpost.

Resolute Support, NATO’s mission in Afghanistan, confirmed U.S. forces had conducted an air strike “in defense of Afghan forces” in Azra district but did not mention casualties.

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ISIS military commission chief killed in US drone strike in Afghanistan

The military commission chief of the ISIS terrorist group loyalists in Afghanistan has been killed in an airstrike conducted by the US forces in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.
The provincial government media office in a statement said at least two foreign ISIS militants were killed in an airstrike conducted in Nazian district late on Friday night.

The statement further added that the airstrike by the unmanned aerial vehicles was carried out in Lal Mandawi area, leaving three Pakistani nationals dead, including the military commission of ISIS group.

According to the Nangarhar government, the slain ISIS leader has been identified as Syd Wali andhe was a resident of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan.

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U.S Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb In Nangarhar

The U.S on Thursday dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat on a suspected Daesh installation, which included a series of caves, in Achin District in Nangarhar.

The U.S department of defense said this is the first time this bomb has been used in combat and that the plan had been in the works for months.

There were no immediate reports of civilian casualties.

A U.S MC-130 dropped a GBU-43 with 11 tons of TNT on a series of caves at 7pm Thursday night, the DOD said.

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Almost 30 Civilians Killed In Kunduz Operation

Kunduz Governor Assadullah Omarkhail confirmed late Thursday night that close to 30 civilians were killed and dozens wounded in the joint Afghan and U.S military operation in the Boz Kandahari area in Kunduz overnight Wednesday.

Omarkhail said that among the dead were children and a three-month-old baby.

He also said 28 Taliban fighters had been killed – an increase in the earlier toll of 14.

Earlier Thursday night, the presidential palace issued a statement that said during the military operation insurgents infiltrated residential areas and used people as human shields.

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$3 billion of aid and killed 15 civilians in East of Afghanistan

The United States expects the upcoming international conference will bring pledges of over $3 billion a year to Afghanistan for development support.

The US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Olson made the remarks ahead of the conference which is expected to kick of next week in Brussels.

He was speaking at a forum on 29th September in Washington and said the U.S. government would seek through Congress to maintain U.S. assistance to Afghanistan “at, or near” current levels during the next four years.

“We expect strong pledges of renewed support to be announced next week, collectively totaling over $3 billion a year in development support through 2020,” he said.

Olson further added that the aid would be dependent on Afghan progress in implementing reforms including countering corruption.

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Afghanistan launches probe into alleged US airstrike on policemen

Pakistan airstrike in North WaziristanAfghanistan has launched an investigation into the alleged airstrike by the US forces on Afghan policemen that left at least 8 policemen dead.

The Ministry of Interior of Afghanistan (MoI) said an investigation is underway regarding the alleged airstrike that took place in southern Uruzgan province.

The Ministry further added that the circumstances surrounding the alleged airstrike will be ascertained once the investigation concludes.

MoI also added that the findings of the Ministry will be shared with the people once it is completed.

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