30 policemen lost their lives in Taliban attacks in Farah

At least thirty policemen have lost their lives during the attacks carried out by the Taliban militants in western Farah province of Afghanistan.

According to reports, the attacks were carried out in Khak Safid district of Farah province late on Wednesday night.

The provincial government and security officials have not formally commented regarding the deaths of the policemen so far.

But a member of the provincial council Dadullah Qani said at least thirty members of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) forces were martyred in the attacks in Khak Safid district.

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ANA helicopter crashes in Farah, killing all 25 on board

Twenty-five people were killed after an Afghan army helicopter crashed in western Farah province on Wednesday, officials confirmed.

All 25 people on board were killed, including Farah provincial council chief Farid Bakhtawar, provincial council member Farida Amini and deputy commander of the 207th Zafar corps General Naimatullah Khalil, the governor of Farah province Mohammad Shoaib Sabet said.

Defense Ministry Spokesman Javid Ghafoor said that the helicopter crashed after taking off from Anar Dara district due to “technical problem”.

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Taliban suffer heavy casualties after ambushing NDS Special Forces in Farah

The Taliban militants suffered heavy casualties after ambushing a convoy of the Afghan Intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS), in western Farah province.

According to a statement released by NDS, the Special Forces of the Directorate were on their way to Helmand when they were ambushed in the vicinity of Farah province.

The statement furhter added that the NDS Special Forces responded to the ambush, leaving at least sixteen militants dead.

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Officials: Taliban driven out of Farah city

The local officials in western Farah province are saying that the Taliban militants have been driven out of Farah city after hours of fierce clash involving hundreds of Taliban insurgents.

Provincial governor Abdul Basir Salangi confirmed that the militants were driven out of the city in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

According to Salangi, at least twenty people including several security personnel have lost their lives during the clashes with the Taliban insurgents.

He said the Taliban militants have also suffered casualties during the clashes but did not elaborate further regarding the exact number.

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Officials: Farah city on edge of collapse

The Taliban insurgents have stormed the building of National Security Directorate of Farah city and the clashes are still ongoing between militants and Afghan security forces, local officials said.

An official on the condition of anonymity told Ariananews that at least three parts of the city came under the control of Taliban.

He noted the building of National Security Directorate is surrounded and fierce clashes are ongoing between security forces and Taliban rebels.

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Taliban overrun security outposts, kill 20 police forces in Farah

20 Afghan police forces were killed and three security outposts have been fallen to the Taliban after the militants conducted complicated attacks on the outposts during last night, said local authorities.

“The Taliban militants overran three security outposts in Farahrood area of Balablok district and Shamalgah area of the provincial capital”, said Farid Bakhtawar, the Chief of Farah’s Provincial Council.

He further noted that four other police forces have been abducted by the Taliban militants whose destiny is not yet clear.

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Farah Governor Resigns In Wake Of Protest

Mohammad Arif Shahjahan, Farah’s provincial governor, on Thursday stepped down following Wednesday’s protests over the deteriorating security in the province.

Shahjahan said that he has resigned due to the increase in insecurity and a split in opinion between residents over the security situation in the province.

Shahjahan has called on the National Unity Government (NUG) to appoint a new governor.
This comes after a source said at least six people were wounded in a shooting during a demonstration outside the governor’s building on Wednesday.

The angry crowd had tried to enter the governor’s building when police fired on them.

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Taliban kills seven policemen in Farah

A Taliban attack has killed seven policemen in western Farah province, a local official said.

Dadullah Qani, a member of Farah Provincial Council, said the attack took place early in the morning on Friday, targeting a highway security checkpoint in the province’s Bala Buluk district.

According to Mr. Qani, seven policemen were killed during the attack while two others have surrendered to the insurgents.

The official further said that Taliban insurgents have seized all weapons and ammunitions of the checkpoint.

He also confirmed that the insurgents have suffered causalities, but said the exact number is unknown yet.

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Taliban Everyday Earn Nearly 8 Million Money Through Farah Custom Office

The Taliban every day generate 7-8 million Afghanis revenue, collecting money from trucks importing commercial goods through Farah Custom Offices to the country, said the local officials.

The huge daily revenue of the militant group was cited by Dadullah Qaneh, a member of the provincial council, who further insisted on the reliability of his claim.

Since several months ago, the Taliban militants have reportedly been collecting money in areas belonging to Pusht-e-Koh district of Farah province and distribute receipts sealed by Islamic Emirate, the previous name of Taliban regime.

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Qatar Businessman Invests $20 Million USD In Farah

A businessman from Qatar has invested $20 million USD in Farah province to improve and develop the agriculture and livestock sector.

The businessman, whose name has been withheld, heads up Qatar Alghorafa Charity Foundation, has already build a number of schools and mosques in the province.

According to the owner of the foundation, he will establish dates and pistachio orchards and will establish more pastures for people who have livestock.

“We have brought 3,000 of the best date saplings of the world and will bring another 17,000 saplings. After that, we will establish a factory to process dates and thousands of Farah residents will get jobs here,” Shahid Jawad, the foundation’s spokesman said.

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