Tajik jet ‘bombs’ Takhar border line

Officials said on Monday that a Tajikistan jet carried out airstrikes in Darqad district in Takhar province along the border. 

Earlier in the day, the provincial governor’s spokesman Mohammad Jawid Hejri confirmed the incident and said a clash broke out on Sunday afternoon between drug smugglers in Afghanistan and Tajik border guards.

He said Tajik border security fired a number of rockets into the area before “fighter jets” carried out an airstrike early Monday morning.

Hejri said the jets were “foreign” and were either from Russia or Tajikistan.

However, officials confirmed later in the day that there had been one fighter jet involved and that it was from Tajikistan. 

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Visas sought for Afghan traders at Torkham border

Participants of a daylong conference in Peshawar have asked the government of Pakistan to issue Afghan traders with visas at the Torkham border crossing.

Attended by trade leaders and political figures, the all parties conference (APC) presented the government with the first-ever Charter of Economy (CoE)aimed at boosting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s economy.

While seeking abolition of the regulatory duty on imports from Afghanistan, they called for concrete measures to facilitate trade with Afghanistan.

The government was urged to provide infrastructure, including the Internet, banking and electricity facilities at the Ghulam Khan, Kharlachi and other custom stations in the tribal belt.

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Afghan Taliban react on Donald Trump’s election as US president

The Taliban militants group in Afghanistan issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon to react on Donald Trump’s election as the new US president.

The group in its statement said “Thee US election appears to show the victory of the Republican presidential runner Donald Trump.”

The Taliban statement further added “Our message to him is that the US government policies should be made in a way that do not compromise with the freedom of the other nations and do not seek its interests in the killing and conviction of the others.”

The statement further added that the adoption of such a policy will lead to universal peace and will put an end to the ongoing violence.

Taliban urged the newly elected US President to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan as it claimed victory in the ongoing war in Afghanistan, claiming that the US should not further harm its prestige, economy, forces and generals in the country.

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