Khodjaev reaffirm $500m commitment to build Mazar-Herat railway track

The head of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Foreign Trade Jamshid Khodjaev has said Uzbekistan is committed to invest $500 million on the construction of railway track from Mazari Sharif city to Herat province.

Khodjaev reaffirmed Uzbekistan’s commitment during a meeting President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and said the technical teams of the two countries should start work on a time schedule for the start of the works.

Calling Afghanistan an important partner of Uzbekistan in transport and transit sector, Khodjaev said the relations between the two countries grow as each day passes, noting a 19 per cent increase in trade between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan in 2017 while a 15 increase until May of 2018.

He also added that Uzbekistan is keen to invest on cement extraction and production in Afghanistan and efforts are underway to provide visa facilities to the Afghan traders as well as investment opportunities in Termiz Cargo Center.

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China Signs Accord To Start Building 1,400 Apartments

Afghanistan’s Minister of Urban Development and Housing Sayed Saadat Mansour Naderi and the Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Yao Jing on Thursday signed a contract for construction to start on 1,400 apartments in Kabul.

China will fund construction of 10,000 apartments in total with the initial phase totaling 1,400, said Naderi during the signing ceremony.

It is believed that construction work on the apartment buildings will start within two months and that the first phase will be finished in about two years.

The Chinese government has pledged to provide two billion Chinese Yuan (about $300 million USD) for the entire project.

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More Than $700m USD Invested In Poultry Sector

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI), more than $700 million USD has been invested in poultry farms and bird seed production in the country in the past few years.

Lotfullah Rashid, spokesman for the MoAI said on Monday that according to their findings, the private and public sectors invested large amounts of money in this sector and that more than 10,800 small, medium and large seed production facilities and poultry farms have been established in recent times.

As a result, chicken processing and packaging factories have been established and standard incubators for chicks have been imported.

“In the last two years, 5,250 small farms, 208 medium farms and more than 15 large farms as well as bird seed production factories were established and we are trying to provide more investment opportunities in this field,” Rashid said.

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Qatar Businessman Invests $20 Million USD In Farah

A businessman from Qatar has invested $20 million USD in Farah province to improve and develop the agriculture and livestock sector.

The businessman, whose name has been withheld, heads up Qatar Alghorafa Charity Foundation, has already build a number of schools and mosques in the province.

According to the owner of the foundation, he will establish dates and pistachio orchards and will establish more pastures for people who have livestock.

“We have brought 3,000 of the best date saplings of the world and will bring another 17,000 saplings. After that, we will establish a factory to process dates and thousands of Farah residents will get jobs here,” Shahid Jawad, the foundation’s spokesman said.

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