Gen. Raziq’s brother appointed as new police chief of Kandahar

The brother of the former police chief of Kandahar Gen. Abdul Raziq has been appointed as the new police chief of southern Kandahar province.

Tadeen Khan, the brother of Gen. Abdul Raziq, was introduced as the new police chief of the province during an event organized in the Police Commandment of Kandahar today.

Gen. Raziq lost his life in an attack carried out by a gunman in Kandahar province last Thursday.

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Kandahar police chief Gen. Raziq killed in armed attack

The provincial police chief, Gen. Abdul Raziq and the province’s intelligence chief Abdul Mohmin were killed on Thursday when a bodyguard opened fire following a meeting in the governor’s compound in the southern province of Kandahar, officials said.

According to the security officials, the governor of Kandahar, Gen. Zalmay Wesa and three Americans; a service member and two civilians’ workers were wounded in the shooting.

It was members of Wesa’s elite guard unit who turned their guns on their colleagues.

In a telephone interview, the spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan’s southern region, Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, said the Taliban carried out the attack.

He said Washington’s top general in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller was the target and said Raziq, the governor and the intelligence chief were killed.

Officials said Razeq, Miller and the other officials were walking toward a landing zone as the helicopter taking the U.S. general’s party back to Kabul approached to land when the gunman, who was waiting outside, opened fire on the group.

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Afghan Air Force receives new MD-530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters

The Afghan Air Force has received five new MD-530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters as efforts are underway to boost the fighting capabilities of the Afghan armed forces.

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) announced today the delivery of the first five (5) MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters to the Afghan Air Force in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Delivered in less than 10 months from the September 2017 contract award, the first five aircraft reached Kandahar on August 8, 2018, and were readied for active service in less than 10 days, a statement by MD Helicopters stated.

The statement further added that the aircraft are the first of a new generation of MD 530F Cayuse Warriors with improved systems and equipment.

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Panjwayee turns into ‘most secure’ district in Kandahar

Panjwayee has turned into the most secure district in southern Kandahar province after being seized from the Taliban, local military forces told Ariana News on Monday.

The district which shares border with Pakistan had been recognized as the Taliban’s main center and a “death region” for the Afghan and foreign forces in the province over the last five years.

However, currently, the military forces can feel safe and there is no presence of the Taliban in the district.

“The district has a better security and there was no [security] incident during the ceasefire. This district is secure since a while,” Qurban, a Panjawyee based soldier told Ariana News.

The government forces had been involved in deadly clashes with the Taliban since years in Panjwayee district, and the foreign trainers and advisors are no longer the district.   Only the local security forces have presence and maintaining the security of the district.

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Death toll rises in Kandahar city car bomb explosion

The local officials in southern Kandahar province are saying that the casualties toll have climbed in the deadly car bomb explosion in Kandahar city.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Mohammad Daud Ahmadi confirmed that at least 16 people have been killed in the explosion and there are fears that the death toll will further climb.

He said at least 38 people have also sustained injuries in the attack but did not elaborate further regarding their health condition.

Ahmadi further added that the incident took place at around 1:30 pm local time after a vehicle packed with explosives went off in a market.

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Suicide car bomb attack in Kandahar leaves 6 dead, 5 wounded

A suicide attack rocked Kandahar province in South of Afghanistan amid reports several people were killed or wounded in the attack.

The local officials are saying that a suicide bomber rammed a Humvee type vehicle packed with explosives into the police commandment of Maiwand district earlier today.

According to the local officials citing preliminary reports, at least three people lost their lives and four others were wounded in the attack.

The Maiwand district police chief Sultan Mohammad confirmed that six policemen lost their lives and five others were wounded in the attack. Another security official had earlier said that around seven people were killed and at least nine others were wounded in the attack.

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Governor’s plane barred from flight to Kandahar

Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Noor’s flight on Thursday night was barred to take off from Mawlana Jalaluddin Balkhi Airport in Mazar-e-Sharif City to Kandahar Airport, in the west of Afghanistan.

Noor wanted to visit Kandahar and attend a gathering with a number of political figures in the province on Friday.

Noor was accompanied by Batur Dostum, son of the first vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum.
In a video posted on social media, Balkh governor said they waited for one and a half hours inside the plane but were not allowed to take off.

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Mullah Omar’s family members, some Taliban leaders returned from Pakistan

Some family members of the Taliban group found Mullah Mohammad Omar and several leaders of the group have reportedly returned from Pakistan.

The provincial police chief of southern Kandahar province Gen. Abdul Raziq informed the return of the Taliban leaders as he was speaking to reporters in Kandahar late on Saturday.

Gen. Raziq further added that some family members of Mullah Omar and at least fifteen leaders of the group have returned to Kandahar.

Without providing further information regarding the identities of the returnees, Gen. Raziq said some of the high ranking leaders of the group are also among those who have returned and some of them have previously served as governors and in other high posts when Taliban regime was in power.

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Raziq Points Finger At Haqqani And ISI For Deadly Kandahar Blast

The provincial police chief said intelligence received two months ago indicated there was a plot against the military leadership in Kandahar.

Kandahar’s police chief General Abdul Raziq on Wednesday accused Haqqani Network and ISI of plotting Tuesday’s deadly suicide attack that killed 11 people, including five UAE diplomats.
Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon in Kandahar, Raziq said that an intelligence report received two months ago showed that Haqqani network wanted to target the military leadership of province.

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