ISIS operating in 8 to 9 provinces of Afghanistan, claims Pak minister

Pakistan’s minister of foreign affairs Khawaj Mohammad Asif has claimed that the loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group are operating in eight to nine provinces of Afghanistan.

Speaking during a debate aired by a private TV channel, Asif went on to claim that a huge part of the country was not under the control of the Afghan government.

He also criticized the coalition in Afghanistan and accused them of the failure to brign peace and stability in Afghanistan despite thousands of the forces were deployed with modern military equipment.

Asif further added that 9,000 ton opium was being cultivated in Afghanistan, which was an alarming situation, calling it a strange scenario that a huge cache of narcotics amounting 150 billion dollar was being smuggled from Afghanistan in the presence of Allied forces.

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$2 million counterfeit currency seized by Afghan forces

The Afghan security forces seized around two million dollars counterfeit currency as part of their efforts to curb the circulation of forged notes during the last year.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) acting spokesman Najib Danish told reporters that the counterfeit dollars were confiscated during the operations conducted by the intelligence operatives of the ministry.

He said the perpetrators involved in the circulation of the counterfeit dollars and other banknotes have been introduced to the judiciary institutions.

Danish further added that the Afghan force also thwarted smuggling attempts made by the smugglers for the transfer of around 1,500 precious stones out of the country.

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