Noor writes to UN regarding attempts by Turkey, Iran about Rumi’s masterpiece

The acting provincial governor of northern Balkh province Ata Mohammad Noor has written a letter to the Afghan Permanent Representative to the United Nations regarding attempts by Iran and Turkey about Rumi’s masterpiece inclusion as intellectual heritage of the two countries in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

“There are reports that, in an imperious manner, Masnavi-ye Manavi the timeless masterpiece of poet laureate Mowlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi is proposed to be listed as the intellectual heritage of Turkey and Iran in Memory of the World Register of UNESCO,” the letter by Noor said.

It also added “Since Mowlana’s birth in Balkh and upbringing in Wakhsh, Larende and Konya under the watch of his great father Balkh’s eminent scholar Bahauddin Walad, he is the pride and a symbol of convergence for this expansive region”.

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