Taliban group suffered 113 casualties in Northern Afghanistan

At least 113 Taliban insurgents have been killed in northern Afghanistan, an official confirmed on Monday.

Ghafoor Javid, spokesman for the Defense Ministry said that air and ground operations were conducted in Shirin-Tagab district of Faryab, as well as in Chahar-Bulak district of Balkh.

He added that the operations were conducted jointly by MoD and Resolute Support troops in which at least 113 Taliban insurgents were killed.

According to the statement, 11 militants have been arrested and nine more are wounded.

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Defense ministry retires another 61 generals from service

The Defense Ministry (MoD) has retired another 61 army generals from service in line with a presidential decree, the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

The generals were retired during a ceremony attending by high-ranking government officials at the Defense Ministry.

Praising the role and work of the retired generals in rehabilitation and training of the country’s military forces, Chief of Army Staff Mohammad Sharif Yaftali said: “History and the people of Afghanistan will never forget your performance and work for stability and security of the country.”

At the same event, the Defense Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami said that retirement is a normal administrative process that based on the law applied to civil and military personnel.

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India Tells Mattis It Won’t Send Troops to Afghanistan

Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman met her US counterpart James Mattis on Tuesday in New Delhi and discussed the issue of terrorist safe havens in Pakistan.

According to the Times of India, both parties agreed that such sanctuaries should not be tolerated.
Sitharaman also said she made India’s stance on Afghanistan clear to Mattis, by emphasising it won’t contribute troops but will continue developmental assistance.

“I borrowed the defense secretary’s own (earlier) words when I explained to him that the very same forces that find safe haven in Pakistan have been the ones who’ve affected New York as well as other places,” said Sitharaman, after meeting with Mattis.

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Over 3,500 Military Operations Launched In Seven Months

Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Sunday said at least 3,600 military operations have been launched across the country over the past seven months – killing nearly 9,000 insurgents so far.

“We managed to carry out 10 to 30 military operations on a daily basis in various provinces. Thousands of insurgents have been killed and their important resources have been destroyed so far,” said Mohammad Radmanish, deputy spokesman for the Defense Ministry.

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