Kabul using seven tons of plastic a day

The National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) on Tuesday marked World Environment Day in Kabul where officials said they are worried about the growing pollution in the city.
The officials said Kabul residents use four tons of plastic bags and three tons of disposable plates and water bottles every day.

According to the technical deputy head of NEPA, Ghulam Mohammad Malikyar, about 4.5 million tons of garbage was recently collected in the city and buried in Gazak area in Kabul.

Malikyar said if the prolific use of plastic continues in Kabul, there will be no ground left to plant trees and other plants.

“We will not have a place to plant a sapling within the next three years, because many open areas have either been turned into garbage piles or illegal buildings have been constructed or the areas have changed into business places. This itself is a crisis,” he added.

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