MoI takes new measures against armored vehicles in Kabul

The Interior Ministry has taken new measures against the armored vehicles in the capital Kabul, following the militant attack on its compound on May 30.  

The Ministry spokesman Najib Danish on Thursday stressed that the individuals who own armored vehicles should registered them at the earliest possible time, “otherwise will face legal actions.”

The official, meanwhile, said that those government officials who use police’s vehicles out of MoI setup, should bring them back to the ministry.

“If they don’t handover the vehicles at the earliest possible time, they will be referred to judiciary institutions,” he warned.  

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MoI prepares to ensure security of election centers

The Ministry of Interior says prepared to take security measures related to providing the protection for the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections’ polling stations across the country.

Speaking to Ariana News on Saturday, the Ministry Spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said: “We assure the Independent Election Commission of maintaining the security of every place being chosen as polling centers by the commission.”

However, Rahimi said the election commission (IEC) was yet to provide them with the list of polling stations.

This comes as earlier, the IEC said that will not be able to install polling stations in 40 districts of the country, reasoning lack of security.

Some political parties believe the election commission fails to act independently and that it takes orders from the government.

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MoI arrests nearly 3000 suspected drug dealers

Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) says nearly 3000 drug dealers have been arrested during the current solar year.

The deputy interior minister of counter-narcotics affairs, Abdul Khalil Bakhtyar has declared that a number of Taliban commanders are also among the detainees.

According to MoI, during the current solar year;

2468 operations were conducted which 860 of them were carried out in Kabul.

2848 drug dealers have been arrested that 69 of them are security personnel.

27 drug factories and 12 drug caches have been destroyed.

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Minister Barmak to share probe results of Kabul hotel attack Soon

The Interior Ministry on Thursday said that the security institutions’ investigation over the weekend’s attack on Intercontinental Hotel in capital Kabul has been finalized, soon it will share the results to public.

Sources told Ariana News that the probe team which included representatives from National Directorate of Security, and Interior & Defense ministries have assessed complex angles of the attack on the hotel.

However, the Interior Ministry Deputy Spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said that the final report of the investigation will be shared to public by the Interior Minister, Wais Ahmad Barmak at a press conference in Kabul soon.

This comes a day after President Ghani received report on findings of initial probe over Kabul Intercontinental Hotel attack and he ordered further “comprehensive” investigation to identify security lapses.

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MoI warns of taking ‘legal action’ against General Raziq

The Interior Ministry on Saturday warned of taking “legal action” against General Abdul Raziq, the Police Chief of southern Kandahar province, stressed that no member of police personnel can stand against the law.

Days earlier, following the controversial dismissal of Atta Mohammad Noor, former governor of Balkh province, Gen. Raziq said that the National Unity Government has neither appointed him, nor can remove him from the post.

“I have been appointed based on the demands of Kandahar people and I will leave based on their demands,” he asserted.

The Interior Ministry, however, said that government has not taken any decision to remove the Police Chief of Kandahar from his post, insisting that any debate in regard is “premature”.

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$2 million counterfeit currency seized by Afghan forces

The Afghan security forces seized around two million dollars counterfeit currency as part of their efforts to curb the circulation of forged notes during the last year.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) acting spokesman Najib Danish told reporters that the counterfeit dollars were confiscated during the operations conducted by the intelligence operatives of the ministry.

He said the perpetrators involved in the circulation of the counterfeit dollars and other banknotes have been introduced to the judiciary institutions.

Danish further added that the Afghan force also thwarted smuggling attempts made by the smugglers for the transfer of around 1,500 precious stones out of the country.

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Russia arrests suspected Tajik associate of Taliban

Russia has arrested a suspected associate of Taliban who hails from Tajikistan.

According to a spokesman of the country’s Interior Ministry spokesman, the suspected terrorist was previously placed on Interpol’s wanted list.

Asaladdin Nurov, a 28-year-old Tajik citizen was detained and 10 foreign-language books seized following a search of the flat he had been renting in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg.

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