MPs: U.S. not honest with Afghanistan

A number of Parliament Members at the Lower House said the United States was not honest in its commitments to end war in Afghanistan.

Afghan lawmakers reemphasized to review the Bilateral Security Agreement with U.S. to show how U.S. fulfilled its commitments to Afghanistan.

“The Lower House should not change its decision over reviewing the security pact with U.S. and the United States should respond to Afghan people about its performances,” Rahman Rahmani, representative of Balkh said.

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Parliament to summon security heads

Lawmakers “question” Daesh’s claims of having been behind Monday’s deadly suicide bombing.

The Wolesi Jirga, Lower House of Parliament, will summon the security ministers to answer questions over the recent suicide bombings in Kabul which claimed the lives of dozens of people, lawmakers said on Wednesday.

This comes after Daesh claimed responsibility for a double explosion on Monday that killed 29 people, including nine journalists. Ten days ago, 60 people were killed in an explosion at a population registration center in Kabul.

Some MPs said on Wednesday the recent attacks were “cowardly” and that security organizations are “unable” to ensure the people’s safety. They also said Daesh’s claims of responsibility of such attacks was “questionable”.

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Afghan parliament to open despite constitutional crisis

After a winter break, President Ashraf Ghani will officially inaugurate the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Lawmakers are calling the inauguration of the lower house of parliament which is entering its eighth constitutional year of 16th legislative term as illegal.

“The Afghan Constitution has set an end date for the parliament. Based on the Constitution, the mandate of the parliament ends on the 1st of Saratan of the fifth year, but MPs emphasize on the phrase – after the elections – which I believe their claim is against the Constitution,” said Nasrullah Stanekzai, a legal analyst.

Mawla Mohammad Paikan, another legal analyst, emphasized that the government must hold parliamentary and district councils elections as soon as possible.

But some parliamentarians claim that they are launching another lawful term.

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CEO: Supreme Court Should Rule On Issue Of Dismissed Ministers

The Office of the Chief Executive on Saturday said the interpretation of Article 92 of the Constitution is needed and urged the Supreme Court to interpret the article and release its decision on the fate of the seven dismissed ministers as soon as possible.

“Government is still waiting for the Supreme Court to interpret Article 92 of the Constitution. Once the interpretation has been received, then the dismissed ministers’ fate will be finalized,” Jawid Faisal, deputy spokesman of the CEO said.

Seven ministers were dismissed more than two months ago by MPs after they failed to spend their development budgets; but government sent the issue to the Supreme Court to interpret article 92 of the constitution that deals with the summoning of and dismissal of ministers.

Article 92 of the Constitution says if ministers cannot provide convincing explanations to parliament, MPs can consider a vote of no confidence.

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