Expo opens in Kabul showcasing local products

A four-day expo, jointly organized by the Afghan government and the private sector, opened in Kabul on Tuesday showcasing locally made products.

Goods manufactured by over 170 companies went on display including industrial products, agricultural produce, telecommunication goods and handicrafts.

CEO Abdullah Abdullah attended the opening of the expo and said the lack of land, shortage of electricity and the absence of regulated money lending services were the three main challenges in terms of investment in the country.

Abdullah said government has addressed these challenges to some extent and is committed to supporting the private sector.

“If we want to serve our people and lead our country out of the current situation and bring positive changes to people’s lives, then without supporting the private sector it is impossible,” said Abdullah.

A number of factory owners at the exhibition meanwhile said government has failed to provide the fundamental needs for investors and is unable to even safeguard the lives of business owners.

Organizers of the exhibition said such expos will play a vital role in highlighting and overcoming problems faced by the private sector. They asked government to address their problems and to find solutions.  

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Kabul In ‘Deep Silence’ Following Militant Attacks

The city of Kabul was covered with a deep silence with residents worried about their safety, following two attacks carried out by at least seven suicide attackers in two separate parts of the city.

The first attack was carried out at the PD13 Police Headquarters’ building in Dasht-e-Barchi area, while the second happened about an hour later at the PD10 Police Headquarters’ compound in Shahr-e-Naw in downtown Kabul.

The first attack ended after a few hours when two attackers were killed by police force members. However, the second attack was still ongoing by Wednesday evening.

Many roads were closed to traffic and places which normally were busy, seemed empty.
This time two parts of Kabul city were attacked. Some residents said they are worried about their lives when they go out of the home.

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