The “New Scythians” was released on Persian language in Afghanistan

The book “New Scythians” was published by the well-known Russian writer and ethnographer Pavel Zarifullin translated in Persian language in Afghanistan. This book was published by “Wazhah” Publications in February in Kabul. “This is the first Russian book published in Persian,” Qasem Farzam, director of the “Wazhah” Publishing House said: “The book “New Scythians from Russian writer and it was a great experience. This research has been conducted on the roots of the people of Eurasia and their major future in the new civilization of the world. Our saying is “The Significance of Written Legacy and the Development of Culture and Knowledge,” and so we decided to do this with Mr. (Paul Zarifullin). The results were very positive, and we also tend to publish other books by this author.”

Qasem Farzam also says: “In the book market of Afghanistan, unfortunately, literary books are scarce, and we are trying to eliminate the available space by publishing such books. We are glad to have the opportunity to recount the cultural heritage of Russia.”

The author believes that his book can meet the market demand for books in Afghanistan, he says: “Since the Scythians people are still present in Afghanistan and speak Scythians dialect similar to the eastern Iranian language, to be effective. The “New Scythians” Book talks about order of the world and is an alternative to populist and primitive Islamism, which are now being advertised by the Taliban and ISIS.

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