US Envoy, Resolute Support Reject Claims Of Supporting Daesh

In response to comments made by Iran’s foreign minister, ambassador John Bass said the allegations were “laughable” and entirely “false”.

The US Ambassador to Kabul John R Bass vehemently denied US involvement in transporting Daesh fighters in Afghanistan.

In a statement issued by Bass on Wednesday afternoon, the envoy said in response to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s claims of “US support for ISIS (Daesh) in Afghanistan are laughable and patently false.

“The facts are clear: US forces have removed more than 1,000 ISIS-K (Daesh Afghanistan) combatants from the battlefield, and the combined efforts of the United States and the Afghan National Defense and Security forces have reduced ISIS-K’s presence in Afghanistan.

“As Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Alice Wells said recently, ‘They’re very much in the cross-hairs at present.’ The Iranian government should be focusing on supporting the Afghan government’s efforts to promote peace rather than spreading falsehoods,” he said.

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