Germany hands over 1000 body armor vests to Kabul police

The government of Germany handed over one thousand body armor vests to the Afghan National Police (ANP) forces in Kabul.

The Kabul Police Commandment in a statement said the body armor vests were handed over to Kabul Police during a ceremony organized in the Police Commandment of Kabul on Thursday.

The statement further added that the body armor vests were handed over as part of Germany’s ongoing support to the Afghan Police forces.

The Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Kabul and a representative of Germany’s police had also participated in the ceremony.

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OCHA: Drought grips Afghanistan, affecting over two million people

More than two million Afghans at risk of becoming severely food insecure due to the ongoing drought which affecting two-thirds of the country, the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a report released on Monday.

The report said that water points and fountains across the country have dried up and the lack of rain and snow melt has made rivers run low or dry up completely.

According to the report, due to the lack of water, farmers have chosen to minimize their losses by delaying planting crops and reducing field sizes.

The report said that lack of water also affected farmers with livestock and pastoralists like the nomadic Kuchi tribe as pasturelands have partially or completely dried up or are overgrazed, leaving flocks with little or no feed.

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Provincial police chief: Iran supports Taliban in Farah

After Taliban large-scale attack over Farah province in west of Afghanistan, the provincial police commander says the attack over the province was organized in Iran.

According to the provincial police chief, more than two thousand militants from neighboring provinces were involved in the attack over the city and the attackers aimed to establish a stronghold in the strategic province after being collapsed.

“Farah is valuable for Iran. Iran is funding and providing equipment for the Taliban fighters in the province,” said Fazel Ahmad Shirzad the provincial police chief.

Meanwhile, provincial governor Baseer Salangi said the militants are staging attacks repeatedly since three months, but they have failed to reach to their goal.

Farah is among the volatile provinces in west of Afghanistan and the Taliban insurgent group is actively operating in Anar Dara, Bala Buluk, Pusht Road, Khak Safid, Gulistan, and Shibkoh districts of the province in recent years.

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Afghanistan likely to receive Russia’s support in fight against terrorism

Afghanistan’s First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum in his visit to Russia called on the country’s officials for support in fight against terrorism which was welcomed by a number of Russian officials including the country’s defense minister Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu.

While talking to Radio Azadi by telephone, Dostum’s spokesman Sultan Faizy said that Russia is evaluating the situation in Afghanistan to “see what they can help with.”

“The Russian side is committed to support and help Afghanistan in terms of helping its air and military forces.”

“We’re lacking air support, weapons, ammunition. We need a lot of backing and support to fight against terrorism.” He added.

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Russia mulling military support to Afghanistan, including helicopters

Russia is mulling to send military assistance to Afghanistan to help the country’s security forces combat with Taliban, Daesh and other militant groups.

Interfax news agency which is based in Moscow quotes Russian President’s special envoy to Afghanistan as saying that the military assistance could include helicopters.

Zamir Kabulov was quoted by Interfax as saying that the matter is being discussed at national level but Russian officials will soon talk about it with Afghan side.

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