Taliban stones woman to death, whips man over adultery in Badakhshan

The Taliban insurgents have stoned a woman to death but left the man after whipping him over adultery in northeastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan. (Photo: File Photo)
According to the local officials, the incident took place in the remote and restive district of Wardoj.

The district administrative chief Dawlat Mohammad Khawar confirmed the incident and said the woman was stoned to death after she faced a trial openly along with the man from the Taliban insurgents.

This is not the first time the Taliban insurgents have public tried and executed women over adultery and other charges in Badakhshan.

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Afghan Women’s Cycling Team In National Geographic’s Adventurers Of 2016

The Afghanistan Women’s Cycling Team has been listed by the National Geographic for the Adventurers of the Year 2016 vote contest.

Honored as ‘The Boundary Breakers’, the Afghan Women’s Cycling Team is among the 10 Adventurers contesting in People’s Choice Vote – Adventurers of the Year 2016.

The Afghan team is among the 10 adventurers contesting in Adventurers of the Year 2016 which includes American rock climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, U.S.-Brazil kayaking team of Ben Stookesberry, Chris Korbulic, Benny Marr, and Pedro Oliva, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, one of Nepal’s rising climbing stars.

The Wilderness Protector led by South African biologist Steve Boyes, American ski mountaineers Chris Davenport and Christy and Ted Mahon, the wildlife heros – biologist Arthur Middleton and photographer Joe Riis, German sea kayaker Freya Hoffmeister, trail runner Scott Jurek, and the Swiss Solar Pilots Andrés Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard.

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Extremism on the rise in unofficial religious Madrasas in Afghanistan

The Afghan government could face new challenges from the unofficial religious Madrasas – seminaries, according to a new survey report which suggests extremists thoughts have been adopted and are widely spreading among the students and teachers of these Madrasas.

The report has been prepared by Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies which covers 50 unofficial Madrasas in ten different provinces of the country.

At least 306 educators and students have been interviewed by the researchers of the report which covers Madrasas operating in southern, northern, eastern and central parts of the country.

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Nadia Anjuman: Poet of Herat

While periodic blog-and-print wars erupt among US poets and critics about the possible death of poetry, in other parts of the world women die for writing poems. In Herat, Afghanistan, Nadia Anjuman was one among a group of women who risked their lives to continue writing under Taliban rule, gathering under the guise of the Golden Needle Sewing School. After the Taliban fell, her first book sold 3000 copies.

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