The Role of Former President in Afghanistan’s Current Politics

The recent misunderstandings between former president Hamid Karzai and the National Unity Government (NUG) appeared as surprising for many who missed to notice Karzai’s political ambitions even at a time when he is an ex-president. President Ashraf Ghani and former president Hamid Kazai met last Tuesday to resolve the recent misunderstandings that have appeared on the surface. Earlier, The Guardian reported that the former president was secretly seeking to undermine the current National Unity Government (NUG) of Afghanistan and his influence and activities are seen as a threat to Afghanistan’s political stability. In response, Abdullah Abdullah, the NUG Chief Executive Officer, harshly criticized the former president, saying that most of the current problems in the country stemmed from the last fourteen years of the Karzai administration’s mismanagement and faulty leadership. He warned to those wishing the NUG to collapse that the alternative for the current government would Daesh or Taliban.

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