Government approves Master Plan for Pul Alam city of Logar province

The Master Plan of Pul Alam cit, the provincial capital of central Logar province, was approved during a meeting of the Urban Development Council.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, said the meeting of the Urban Development Council was organized on Monday evening and was chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

According to a statement released by ARG Palace, the Mayor of Pul Alam Ahmad Zaki presented the Master Plan of the city in the meeting and shared information regarding the current conditio of the city, different phases of the urban studies and its results, goals, and strategies.

The statement further added that Mr. Zaki also shared his recommendations regarding the selection of the new city center, commercial areas, administrative areas, educational, sports, religious, health, industries, green areas, parks, and roads construction in the city.

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Afghanistan orders probe into crash-landing of Pakistani helicopter

Afghanistan has ordered a commission to launch an investigation regarding the crash-landing of a Pakistani Mi-17 helicopter in Azra district of Logar province.

The Office of the President in a statement confirmed that the Pakistani authorities had requested to use the Afghan airspace for the flight of the Mi-17 helicopter to Uzbekistan for repair.

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