UNICEF: child marriage in Afghanistan declines by 10%

The rate of child marriages in Afghanistan has declined by 10 per cent, but “more is needed to end the practice”, according to a report published by UNICEF on Sunday.

According to the joint study by UNICEF and the labour ministry in both urban and rural areas of five of the 34 Afghan provinces, 42 per cent of families have at least one member who was married before the age of 18, although the figure varies widely from region to region.

“This study is unique, it not only builds on previous studies, but looks at child marriage in Afghanistan from various angles, providing hence a comprehensive picture of this practice,” Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled Faizullah Zaki said.

The report findings showed that the security situation, poverty, deeply embedded beliefs and social norms put Afghan girls at a disadvantage.

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