IEC starts review of election nominations

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Tuesday started the massive task of assessing documents of nominated candidates for parliamentary and district council elections after the registration process wrapped up this week.

According to the commission, 2,580 individuals have been nominated for parliamentary elections and 4,650 people for district council elections.

The IEC said 6,625,952 people have registered to vote across the country.

Deputy head of finance and administration of the IEC Maazullah Dawlati said over 400 candidates for parliamentary elections are women, 15 are Kochis and one is a Sikh.

“The documents of the nominated candidates from Kabul will be assessed first and other provinces from the central zone are next,” he said.

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58 people arrested on charges of forgery in voter registration process

At least 58 people have been arrested on charges of forgery in voter registration process for the upcoming parliamentary and district councils elections.

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office Jamshid Rasuli told reporters that investigations are underway regarding the 24 cases of alleged forgery in the voters registration process.

Rasuli further added that 58 people have been arrested on forgery charges including using fake national identity cards/Tazkiras and  sale of national identity cards.

According to Jamshedi, an employee of the independent election commission has also been arrested in connection to the alleged forgery.

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Voter registration database yet to be activated

Institutions overseeing election process said lack of a voter registration database will provide the context for fraud.

Although 21 days have passed since the beginning of the voter registration process, still the database has not been activated and there is no database in which to enter voters’ names.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials meanwhile said activating the voter registration database is their priority.

IEC has said ,so far over one million voters have registered their names and their figures have been received by IEC through emails and phone calls from provinces across the country.

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S.U.C called on people not to register for election until security is not provided

Afghanistan Shia Ulema Council (S.U.C) has called on Afghan people not to register or take ID cards until security is not completely provided.

The S.U.C led by Shaikh Asef Muhseni has considered the security situation alarming after bargaining with its members.

“Protecting the lives of people is more important than any other issue. People should not register or take ID cards until security is not completely provided,” the council said in a statement.

The most influential organizations for Shias in Afghanistan also stated that security institutions have failed in providing security and urged the National Unity Government to understand its responsibilities in protecting people’s lives.

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Almost 190,000 people register to vote in seven days

An election commissioner says the turnout at voter registration centers has not been satisfactory so far.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Saturday, that 189,061 people, including just over 42,000 women, registered in the first seven days after the launch of the voter registration process last week.

One IEC member said the turnout had not been satisfactory.

“People’s turnout at voter registration centers is unfortunately not satisfactory,” IEC commissioner Maliha Hassan said.

The Head of the Massoud Foundation and a former diplomat, Ahmad Wali Massoud, meanwhile called on the people to participate and make sure they register and vote so as to prevent election fraud as experienced in the past.

“If we leave the ground, for sure, those who committed fraud and those who violated the people’s rights to select candidates will come back once again,” Massoud said.

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