MPs: U.S. not honest with Afghanistan

A number of Parliament Members at the Lower House said the United States was not honest in its commitments to end war in Afghanistan.

Afghan lawmakers reemphasized to review the Bilateral Security Agreement with U.S. to show how U.S. fulfilled its commitments to Afghanistan.

“The Lower House should not change its decision over reviewing the security pact with U.S. and the United States should respond to Afghan people about its performances,” Rahman Rahmani, representative of Balkh said.

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United States strategy against militant groups in Afghanistan has failed

Afghan Senators claim the United States’ strategy against militant groups in Afghanistan has failed, warn if the signed security agreement with U.S. was not “honestly” implemented, the ongoing crisis would deepen even further in the country.

After the collapse of the Taliban region in 2001 and thereafter, with the presence of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, many believed the country would experience stability but it wasn’t the case as the conflict and insecurity being extended in the country.

The Second Deputy Speaker of Upper House (Meshrano Jirga) said the U.S. did not implement the commitments made for stability of Afghanistan and in most cases the Afghan-U.S. security agreement being violated and it caused the ongoing conflict to be extended in the country.

“U.S. has not been successful in Afghanistan war and dual policy being followed by the country, it has developed distrust among Afghan people,” Second Deputy Speaker of Upper House, Mohammad Asif Sediqi said.

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