Students demand action after classroom bombing

A number of students who have survived Wednesday’s suicide attack on the education center in Kabul have said that the security leaders should step down from their posts as they have failed to resolve security issues in the country.

Meanwhile families living in Dasht-e-Barchi area of the capital have said that they are always worried when their children are away from home.

Masooma one of the survivors said: “I want to know if there is anyone being held accountable before us. Who will respond to the loss of so many youths.”

“My demand from government is that defense minister, minister of interior and head of national directorate of security should be fired. Dozens of youths were martyred and tomorrow it can be our turn,” said one student Ali.

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Political parties called for a change to the electoral system

A group of influential political parties on Monday called on the government to identify the share of political parties in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

In addition, the parties objected stamping of the voter’s national identity cards and suggested shifting from the current SNTV electoral system to a multi-dimensional representation (MDR) system, because the MDR system would give political parties more weight in the upcoming parliamentary ballot.

“On 19 May 2018, the political parties jointly approved the MDR electoral system and we were expecting to submit an official letter to the quadrilateral commission, but unfortunately the government has failed to form the commission yet,” said Mohiuddin Mahdi a senior member of Jamiat-e Islami Afghanistan.

The parties claimed that the government and the Independent Election Commission (IEC) are looking for systemization of fraud for 2019 presidential elections by using paper identity cards.

“We won’t allow anyone anymore to oppose with the fate of Afghanistan’s people,” said Asadullah Sadati a member of [Hezb-e] Wahdat-e Islami Afghanistan.

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Negotiations between ARG and Jamiat ‘ended with no results’

Jamiat-e-Islami political party has not reached into an agreement with Presidential Palace, following several rounds of negotiations between the two sides, sources told Ariana News on Saturday.

Delegations from Jamiat-e-Islami begins negotiations with the central government after Atta Mohammad Noor who is also the executive director of Jamiet-e-Islami was ousted by the president about a month ago, but he has refused to leave the post.

Sources told Ariana News on condition of anonymity that the Interior Minister, Wais Ahmad Barmak has revisited Balkh province to convey the President’s Office decision to ousted provincial governor Noor.

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