Taliban reacts in panic as religious scholars end 2-day conference on Afghanistan

The Taliban militants group reacted in panic as the religious scholars from various Islamic countries ended their two-day conference on Afghanistan, denouncing the Taliban-led insurgency and suicide attacks.

The group issued a statement claiming that efforts were made during the conference to turn Afghanistan into a second Palestine, hide the atrocities of the occupiers and cuff the hands of the fighters.

However, the group says such moves will not harm the ongoing efforts of the Taliban and warned the Saudi government that such gatherings could harm the status of the Kingdom.

This comes as the religious scholars on Wednesday issued a joint declaration, stating that “Based on the texts of the Quran and the Tradition that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy, that the believers should all be merciful towards one another, and that their blood, property and honour are inalienable and should be protected against aggression.”

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Scholars Adamant That No Group Will Divide Afghan Shia And Sunnis

Prominent Shia and Sunni scholars on Wednesday said that no force, no country and no group will be able to sow the seeds of sectarianism among the people of Afghanistan.

The leading scholars, both Sunni and Shia, came together at a meeting in Kabul to discuss the issue.

They said that Shia and Sunni Muslims have lived peacefully together throughout Afghanistan’s history.

They called on the Afghan government to step up efforts to tackle the enemies who are working to destroy national unity.

The statement comes a few days after four suicide attackers linked to Daesh launched a deadly attack on a mosque in Kabul killing over 30 worshipers and wounding dozens more.

The scholars slammed these suicide attacks and said they were against Islamic principles and human values.

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