More than 5 million paper ID cards distributed in recent seven months

The population registration department of Afghanistan says more than five million paper ID cards were distributed in the past seven months.

“At least 42 cases of violation to the Attorney General were reported during the distribution of paper ID cards,” Hamayoun Mohtat, the chairman of population registration department said.

Addressing a press conference, Mohtat noted that the violations were identified through the delegation that were sent to the provinces and a number of individuals were introduced to the judicial institutions after reviewing the cases.

In the meantime, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) chairman Abdul Badi Sayyad declared that the information center Bank will separate the fake and ghost ID cards from the real cards.

“The registration was carried out in 33 provinces without Ghazni, it was cleaned up and we have created a duplicate to separate the valid votes from the invalid ones,” Sayad asserted.

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Registration Drive Will Continue with Voters’ Original ID Card

After scrapping the decision to stamp copies of voters identity cards, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Thursday said the voter registration process will continue based on voters’ original national identity card (Tazkira).

A week ago, the election commission said that people could use a copy of their Tazkira to get registered with sticker attached on it instead of original identity card.

The decision was taken apparently to address concerns of the people that the Taliban might target those attending to vote by identifying IEC stickers fixed on their ID cards.

However, the decision was scrapped after drawing criticism that it would pave the ground for fraud in the upcoming parliamentary and district council elections.

“Every citizens who have sticker attached on their identity cards could address their security concerns and get duplicate Tazkira at population registration department,” Maliha Hassan, a member of the IEC said.

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